Monday, January 14, 2013

::The Faces of November::

Time to play catch up on my busy Fall schedule!  I loved going back through these jobs and reliving the fun I had with each family!  Everyone is unique, adorable and simply wonderful!  Love to all.  Here's my jobs for the month of November, too condensed for my liking, yet realistically I can't blog them all, so since they ALL deserve some online time, here they are...

::Jordyn turns 1!!!::

 I'm going to be a big sis, not quite sure how I feel about this. :)

You can't tell I'm crying can you?

::The Wallace Family::

Another wonderful friend, Allison, and her sweet family on the other side of my camera!

::The Bowman Family::

This was such a great family.  I think we hit an hour pocket of no rain the day of their shoot!  They had such a great time together it was just like I was along for a fun family outing. :)

::The Aldrich Family::

Another adorable family with a precious one year old.  It was COLD, but the fall colors were so gorgeous and vibrant this day.  Little Naomi was such a trooper and too cute, loved her!

::The Forbes Family Maternity::

The Forbes family was welcoming baby Chelsea to the fold and we got SO lucky with the last bit of November sun on this day at Lacamas Lake!

Owen was trying to tell he had just turned 3!!!!

I love me some dirty finners!

::Anna and her Babies::

I have known Anna ever since I moved to Vancouver almost 11 years ago.  We were pregnant with our babies at the same time as well (her second Amy, and my first Ethan).  Through all of life's curveballs that have come her way, she is still a strong mommy and woman.  It's so fun to see how the kids have grown as well!

Eric definitely has his serious side but he gave me a FEW smiles! :)

Oh miss Natalie, I remember what a chatty Kathy you were when you were just a silly little 2 year old.  Always outgoing and smart as a whip!!!!  What a lovely young lady now!

And little Amy, she used to push Ethan down, haha!  A girl that can hold her own (granted that was when they were 1 year olds).  Another sharp young lady!

Cuddles with Grandma Dede!

::Angel turns 1!::

I got to shoot this little guy's newborn photos with mom and dad last year before they moved over seas. This year dad was still many miles away but mama and her boy came for a fun little 1 year old shoot!  My, time flies, I am getting WAY too old!

Little boy chubby cheeks!

::The Lovejoy Family::

 The sweet Lovejoy Family definitely live up to their name. :)  Little Amelia was such a mild mannered baby and loved the sunshine and just spending time with her mommy and daddy!  

Oh the lashes, she'll appreciate those one day!

::The Seekins Family::

Loved this shoot at a new location, the family's property.  So many special spots, barns, old trucks, a little pond, bridges, SO FUN!!!!!!


This truck was so awesome.  Senior photos Allie?  Oh wait, that's in like 10 years. Haha!

Makin' me so proud how she's working that pose!  

::The Brown Family::

This family of 3 was awesome.  It was my first time working with them and they were completely flexible when the day dawned and it was pouring rain.  I texted Sarah that morning and said, if you trust me, let's keep the appointment!  So glad they did!  It was great to shoot in the underpass with people that trust my bits of creativity going on in my brain! :)

Puddling jumping, who wouldn't want to do that? 

Crazy parents! Get a room! :)

::We Have an Announcement...::

As a follow up to Jordyn's 1 year shoot, the Van Daam's also had an announcement that they would be adding to their family in the spring!  And since that time they now know it will be another precious baby girl!  So happy for these friends of mine!

Poor baby had an owie on her little paw. 

Enjoying the rainy, day before Thanksgiving, downtown Portland weather! 


Oh yes, I guess in the midst of it all I managed some family time of my own.  My only sister, Shonda, and her family came to visit us for Thanksgiving this year.  It was fun to have our not so large house bursting with family! :)

::Day after Thanksgiving, Extended Family Time::

I'm really starting to like large family shoots.  It's so fun to see the dynamics between family members, especially the adult siblings, haha!  Maybe I like it because I come from such a small family.  Anyway, this group was so great, I had worked with Shannon and her brood earlier in the fall and she invited me back for when her whole family was home for the holidays!

Each family gets their own mini family shoot as well! :)


Oh man they must have been handfuls as teenagers. :)

And of course the two that started it all...

::A Cano Christmas:: 

The Cano's are back for another session, this time in their new home.  It was all spruced up for Christmas and so light and bright.  The kids did awesome, it's so fun to watch them grow and become little people. :)

Jumpin on the bed, always a plus!

Silly face time!

::The Smith Family::

What a wonderful location in downtown Camas to photograph this great family with their two sweet boys!  And since it was so chilly, it was kind of nice to be working up a sweat following around a busy 3 year old, haha! :)

Oh I CAUGHT you smiling!!!! :)

Wish I'd had a little more time with mom and dad (kids were warming in the car).  They had such fun chemistry together!

::Class of 2013::Megan::

Oh man, COLD day for miss Megan's shoot!  This girl won me over with her easy smile and gorgeous creamy skin.  The moody clouds just added to the gorgeousness of this whole shoot!  I could have gone on for hours, but the poor thing would have frozen to death.  However, the outcome was some of my favorite senior shots ever! Thank you, my dear!

This is probably my favorite, just love it!

::The Caldwell Family::

Just sneaking in under the wire to get some family photos done before Christmas, the Caldwell family were just terrific.  Little Teegan was feeling a bit under the weather this day, but he didn't let that stop his toddler curiosity, no siree! :)

I'm busy and I know it!!!

::Newborn Baby Ezra::

And finally we end on a newborn note, blessing baby Ezra entered the world a few days sooner than mom and dad anticipated.  Big sister Noella was there waiting with open arms as well.  This family is so sweet and loving, completely fabulous parents and people in every way!

BIIIIIIG yawn, being new is sooooo rough! :)

So sorry for the photo overload, but thanks for sticking with me!  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients, many of whom have also become my friends.  You all encourage me and I love spending time with your families!!!!  Continued love and blessings as this new year unfolds! xoxo Koren