Thursday, January 30, 2014

::the Currie family::

 Another ADORABLE family is being featured tonight.  I worked with the Currie's about 2 years ago when their youngest was just a teeny little guy.  My, how grown up and sweet both boys are now.  This family is SO photogenic, lots of energy, wonderful chemistry and easy smiles! So much fun!

Love, love, love!

These sweet blue eyed, blonde boys...forget it!

I'm SOOOO excited, I can't stand it!

I love Haley's smile when she scrinches up her nose. Adorable!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

::the Mortlock family::

I love following the journey of a growing family.  The Mortlock family is no exception.  They found me my first year in business and I have LOVED being a part of their lives.  God continues to bless them and their desire to be parents.  Sweet and feisty Noella and adorable little Ezra are so lucky to have Gretchen and Paul as their parents.

This first shot shows a cute progression, what a difference two years makes right? :)  And Gretchen always styles her family so perfectly, love the colors and combinations she comes up with!

Hahaha, does this only crack me up? ;)

Those gorgeous blue eyes, wow!

Handsome, handsome boy!

Love you, friends.  Your family is amazing and fabulous! xoxoKoren