Monday, December 24, 2012

The Rest of the Best of OCTOBER::::

Well...SIGH...I just couldn't do it. :) I couldn't keep up with all the blogs I need to do, so I'm combining the last couple months of the fall!  And what a wonderfully busy fall it was.  Each session was unique and wonderful to me.  I seriously have to BEST clients any girl could ask for: fun, flexible, photogenic, the list goes on!!!!  As Christmas rounds the corner (and my 34th birthday, eep!), I'm also fortunate enough to be suffering from strep throat.  I know, don't be jealous!  I have so many favorites to share and I wanted to highlight each of my clients at their best. So, just enjoy!

::Class of 2013::Alan

Alan and I have an interesting "6 degrees of separation" thing going on.  He's the nephew of one of my wonderful friends and I've seen him at many of their family gatherings over the past 10 years, but this was the first time we've ever really gotten to chat.  He was totally cool and laid back, we had a great time on one of the last beautiful days of October.  Have a great senior year!

::Newborn Darling::Megan::

This sweet little thing was born to her mommy by surprise.  I've known Liz for a few years, as she's the neighbor of one of my best friends, Kat.  Little Megan is such a sweet treasure to her family, you can tell that her big sister is SO proud of her and mom is just head over heels!  She was so sweet and squishy, I loved photographing her! :)

Big sister Katie! Such a big helper!

::The Boslaugh Family::

This little family was so great!  I love when people show up know the weather is ICKY and they're just like, we don't care, we trust you!  They were so sweet and full of wonderful smiles, that's really all I need to create a great shoot, haha!

Such a good big brother, I think he was trying to tickle her tummy, haha!

::The Rauch Family::

Again another example of our crazy Northwest weather.  We seriously hit a 45 minute window of NO rain at this shoot, and the way the clouds and sun hung in the sky, the colors were magnificent.  I barely had to direct this family, they had so much charisma and were so at ease in front of the camera!

Haha, just love this when couples still can have "fun" together!

::The Webber Family::

I can't BELIEVE my friend Erica was even willing to get in front of my camera, that girl acts like she's in  surgery when she's having her photo taken. :)  It was so fun to spend some time with her great family on yet another fabulous Fall day!  Where this weather came from I have no idea, but I loved it!

Crazy kid photos!

::Class of 2013::Maddy::

Maddy was such an awesome girl to photograph.  She was definitely channeling Anne Hathaway in her new short do.  This girl certainly knew how to work the camera.  She posed in movement, which is totally the way I love to photograph, almost as if you're acting!  You get such natural expressions and body angles!  Wonderful!

::The Rosumny Family::

Another AWESOME referral that came my way, the Rosumny family drove from the Portland area to have me work with them.  Little Ben was such a busy, curious little guy and mom and dad worked overtime getting smiles out of him.  But hurray for success, we did it!  I love when you can't tell during the session if anything is turning out (well, I can tell) and you go back through the photos and find so many gems, that's what this session was like!  Oh yes, I love me a challenging toddler, bring it!

::The Johnson Family::

The Johnson's are just full of such pretty people, haha!  A nice change of pace for me to get to work with subjects that can actually follow directions, such a great break!  This whole family is so photogenic, not to mention some of the nicest teenagers I've ever met, please tell me your secret!  

No, they do NOT have a 17 year old, can't be!

Mom and her handsome young men!

::Sweet Newborn::Kenley::

Little baby doll Kenley had some of the prettiest newborn skin ever.  Her color was so porcelein and creamy, just gorgeous!  She wanted to fight going to sleep for me, but we still made it work!  It's always an honor to be invited into someone's home to photograph their newest additions!

AND.... now I'm done...with October!  Stay tuned for the fabulous wrap up of November's wonderful photo sessions!  Merry Christmas Eve (and Happy Birthday to ME!).