Sunday, April 27, 2014

::the Espinosa clan::

I have been friends with this wonderful family for about 8 or 9 years now, when we were just starting our families.  There is always so much love oozing from every area of this home.  Now relocated back to the 'Couve (yay), I loved coming over to their new house to photograph them while relatives were visiting from out of town.  Enjoy!

Sweet little Ava, friends with my daughter Reagan, is a budding ballerina and violinist! :) Dainty and sweet, just like her beautiful mama!

I just loved hearing Ava play for me as I photographed her!

And little Nolan, my how you've grown.  He will always be mom and dad's little baby!

Read me a story...

The whole family, dogs and all!

Poor Hannah, this was too much ruckus for her!

Yarra with her loves.  Luca wasn't up to having a photo opp with me, but that's ok.  I have "off" days too! :)

One of the most beautiful and tenderhearted people I've ever met, my friend Yarra!

Bring in the cat, we will get some smiles!

Love you, my friends!!!!! xoxoKoren

Saturday, April 26, 2014

::Merry Christmas (belated):: The Bekkedahl Family::

Another wonderful family that I've been able to watch grow, the Bekkedahl family!  This time I got to meet some of the extended family and enjoy their Christmas decorations in their cozy home!

He is such a little tease!

Look at that smile!

A lamp post in your back yard? Yes please!

This shot looked a lot different when he was only 6 months old and wasn't on the move. :)

Merry Christmas, but now, Happy Springtime!!!! xoxoKoren