Saturday, July 27, 2013

::Sebastian & Noah::The Salado Boys::

Ahhhh, more sweet siblings.  And again, sweet little boys that belong to another wonderful friend of mine.  Jenny's boys Sebastian and Noah were SOOOO adorbs!!!! Seriously!  She showed up with these phenominal props from her mother in law's theater stash.  I don't work with a lot of props normally, but just love her creative twist on her shoot! And these boys totally pulled off the 1920's newsboys look!

Dude...and he's like only 5. :)

Jenny is in for a world of hurt when these guys get to be teenagers.  They are just too handsome!

Mom Jenny used to be a competitive ice skater and now coaches.  Is this Sebastian's idea of a perfect landing? :)

This should be "Kaptured by Sebastian".  He wanted to try my camera and his shot was totally usable.  Future photographer perhaps? :)

Love you and love your boys, Jenny!  xoxoKoren

::Reese & Regan::The Danley Sisters::

I always enjoy an opportunity to work with my friends and their kids.  I've know Brooke for the past several years through our MOMS group but haven't spent much time with her little ladies.  Oh they were so much fun and full of sass a frass.  Reese was such a wonderful older sister.  Her relationship with Regan reminded me of mine with my older sister, always trying to reign her in, listens well and obeyed mom and dad!  Little Regan, who's the same age as my youngest was such a silly spit fire, I completely enjoy the images I snatched of her!

I hope you all are enjoying the warm wonderful summer we are having! :) xoxoKoren

::The Halvorson Family::

My shoot with the Halvorson Family was SO much fun!  Henry was probably one of the most "friendly" 1 year olds I've ever met.  He was ready with his smile, never had a grumpy moment and was just too cute for words.  Mom and Dad were equally as sweet, as well as "big brother", dog, Hansel!

Brotherly Love!

Henry's little Alfalfa sprout off the top of his head was such a kick! Love!

Very dapper!

Happy Birthday, big boy!  I hope you're all enjoying your summer!  xoxoKoren