Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gift::The Rauch Family::

Julie was referred to someone I don't know.  Haha! :)  Funny how your name gets around.  Anyway, she wanted to have some photos done of her and her two kids for her husband that's away a lot with work so he can have some keepsakes to take with him.  Little Nate was SO energetic, I know I burned some serious calories, literally, running after him. :)  And sweet, gorgeous Naomi was all decked out in her tutu.  Such a sweet family!

A little game of peek-a-boo was in order to get some smiles out of him. ;)

I hope Dad enjoys his gift! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

::The Kubena Family::

Another fun and beautiful family session!  I haven't gotten to spend as much time with Angelina as in years past but it was so great to reconnect and shoot her family photos the other night.  The overcast skies have been so stunning lately!  Her brood was full of energy and laughter, loved it!  Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Dad's a ham!

This little lovely was SO fun to photograph.  The colors she wore, her sweet expressions and her itty bitty voice, all girl! :)

Such big protective brothers.

I just love this one, so fun! :)

Ahhhhh, I'm gonna get run over!

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