Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Class of 2012 Prairie High School::Kody

I know I've said it before, but senior shoots are some of my favorites.  They sit still, they're young (hence, no wrinkles like us "old folks") and they're usually pretty comfortable in front of the camera.  I wasn't able to fit Kody into my hectic schedule last fall for a full senior shoot, but did a couple head shots for the yearbook and planned a shoot for the spring.  With the crazy weather we had last week, I had to reschedule not once, but twice on the poor guy.  I didn't think it would be wise to work in a torrential thunderstorm. :)  Luckily he was able to be flexible and we were able to set up a time where the skies were fairly clear.  

Having only done a handful of senior guys (and working with grooms and groomsmen), the trick is to get them to look relaxed and confident without looking bored.  Being used to posing girls, boys are a lot harder than you'd think, it's more about the "swagger" in the expression (thank you to my friend Heather who assisted me on this shoot, PERFECT word for guys) than the pose!

 I've done a few shoots at the WSU Campus in Salmon Creek, but none where the actual buildings are.  It's a great back drop for young men.

Kody played both football and baseball.  Having played high school and college volleyball, I always love to incorporate sports into the shoots (I've shot with a couple swimmers and golfers as well).   

 Probably my favorite shot that happened kind of on accident.  I was changing my memory card real quick and he was just tossing the ball around. I was like, Wait, keep doing that!!!!  Loved it, a little cocky without being arrogant. :)

Great working with you, Kody,  Congratulations!

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