Friday, June 1, 2012

Father's Day Gift::The Woods' Ladies

Kim wanted to get some photos done of her and her girls as a gift for her husband for Father's Day (don't worry he won't see this, he's not FB much, or so I'm told:)).  Apparently they haven't had any family photos done since the youngest, Colleen, was a baby.  For shame. :)  Let's remedy that!  

The night of our shoot, we were cutting it REALLY close.  There was a huge, and unexpected, thunderstorm rolling in!  We met up anyway, and thankfully in that part of town the skies were clear.  As the session progressed (and I was zipping through things a bit faster than normal) the cloud cover increased quickly.  By the end, and you can see in the photos, the sky was quite dark, but wow, the lighting was awesome.  So as not to get struck by lightning, we fled to our cars JUST as the rain started to pour!  Nick of Time!!!!  Thanks for a wonderful evening ladies, Dad'll love it!

 I really enjoy working with "older" kids (well they were clearly young ladies).  They take direction so well, they're not distracted by the tiniest little thing and so photogenic!  Here's beautiful Colleen!

 And older sis, Lauren.  I see senior photos in our future! :)  The wind turned out to be an asset!

 The woman behind the beautiful daughters, mom Kim! 

 Now you can see the dark skies, it was quite threatening!  But wow, love the color!

Yee haw, we're done and we made it without getting wet!  Hope Dad enjoys his gift, girls!

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