Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Enjoyable Memorial Day::Sophia and Family

This Memorial Day, I celebrated by having two jobs on my schedule, Little Jordyn (see previous post) and the Cox family.  We met at a cute little park that my friend Erin had introduced me to. Sophia warned to be ready to GO when I met her 4 year old son Preston, and she wasn't exaggerating.  He may have been busy, but we were fast friends, talking about his favorite Angry Birds, what school was like and other things all boy!  Having to stay on my toes helped this shoot move fairly quickly.  I love how energetic and patient Sophia is with her boys, it's too precious.  And I was able to meet her parents as well, so I could see where she got her wonderful personality!  

Yes, he actually sat still...for a sec! :)

This was too adorable.  Luckily you can't see from a still image how much Preston was tickling and jiggling Ivan around.  But the laughter that ensued from that baby was SO adorable!!!!  Only a big brother can do that.

Preston's "reward" to was to be able to put on his super hero outfits if he sat still for photos. :) He was so excited to fly around and show me his Captain America props and his cape!

I love all the pollen floating in the air, it looks like snow!

And one last silly!  Thanks for a wonderful holiday!

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