Sunday, June 3, 2012

"I Be 6 Months Old!"::Jordyn

This family keeps me laughing every time I'm with them!  LOVE!!!!  I shot little Jordyn's newborn photos (and maternity as well) and it was so fun to see how she's grown.  What a little bundle of personality.  But that's not really a surprise since mom and dad are full charisma!  I also got to visit with Indyra's mom again who was visiting, and seeing some more of her beautiful hats that she knits for her granddaughter (and has made some prop hats for me as well). 

It's our job as parents to embarrass our kids right?  She is in TROUBLE!!!

 For such a young thing, she was so strong and sturdy!  And her chubbies were SO adorable!

Hat made by grandma, so cute! 

 I love how she's gumming this hat!

Until next time, sweet pea! :)

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