Wednesday, February 25, 2015

::the Shefner family::

Another of our beautiful fall days (albeit COLD) I was able to spend with the Shefner family.  We kept this quick because we didn't want little Judah to get bored or cold.  Such a sweet family, I had so much fun getting to know them!

Judah REALLY made me work for that smile. :)

There it is, I gotchya!

So many blessings to your sweet family! xoxoKoren

::the Johnson family::

I just loved meeting and working with the Johnson family.  These two wonderful parents are also AMAZING middle school teachers.  Having a middle schooler in my own home, I enjoyed chatting with them about their work and marveled at the patience and stamina teachers have to have.  Their little one, Ryder, was such a dear, with the cutest little cheeks and huge blue eyes!

Oh that face, it's too much!

Sometimes I need to stop myself change lenses.  I never regret throwing on my 85 mm!

Thank you for another wonderful evening! xoxoKoren