Saturday, February 7, 2015

::the Harlow family::

This sweet family have been clients of mine from the very beginning.  I think Martta was one of my first maternity shoots right before she had Christian (who is now almost 4!!!!!).  They are all so beautiful, inside and out.  I love their love and laughter together, and now they've added cutie (and fluffy) Bentley to their home as well!  This was such a spectactular day last fall, it was so fun to catch up with the Harlow family.  Enjoy!!!

Gracie is such a wonderful big sister.  Talented, sweet, mature and so gorgeous! I love working with this girl!

Beautiful Faithie takes after her stunning mama!  I love her beauty marks and her Rapunzel hair! :)

You'd think after 3 years of pictures together, Christian would think I'm all right...but he still likes to keep his stoic face when I'm attempting to get some smiles out of him.  He's such a handsome and thoughtful little guy, I love watching him grow!

But he smiles big when he's with mommy and daddy!

Simply adore this photo! Big Canvas please!

Always a pleasure, Martta and Chris!   xoxoKoren

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