Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy Life::The Roberts Family

What a difference a year makes.  This busy brood of 6 really made me work up a sweat and get my daily cardio in when I photographed them last year.  And not that they're not still a busy bunch, but it's a far cry from the busy toddlers scampering pell mell, tumble bumble (taken from a childhood nursery rhyme my mom used to tell me). :)  The kids have grown so much and are so delightful in their own ways, along with mom and dad!  Well they haven't grown... Haha!

Dad with the lads! :) 

And with his ladies! 
 Sweet, pretty girls!

 These boys certainly keep mom on the go!

 They look like they're in a wedding!  They were thoroughly enjoying picking the "flowers" in the field and wanted to make sure I got a shot of their treasures.
 The overcast skies of the morning were so beautiful, I just love the light for this shoot!

 This cracked me up. We ask the older one, Mason, to sit down, and here's what we get. :) He is SO spunky!

I just love these shots of him.  Last year I felt like all I got was the back of his head, he was EVERYWHERE!!!!!  These totally show his personality! Love it! 

 A little time for mom and dad, what's THAT like?

It's a busy life...but it's our life, and we love it! :)

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