Sunday, April 27, 2014

::the Espinosa clan::

I have been friends with this wonderful family for about 8 or 9 years now, when we were just starting our families.  There is always so much love oozing from every area of this home.  Now relocated back to the 'Couve (yay), I loved coming over to their new house to photograph them while relatives were visiting from out of town.  Enjoy!

Sweet little Ava, friends with my daughter Reagan, is a budding ballerina and violinist! :) Dainty and sweet, just like her beautiful mama!

I just loved hearing Ava play for me as I photographed her!

And little Nolan, my how you've grown.  He will always be mom and dad's little baby!

Read me a story...

The whole family, dogs and all!

Poor Hannah, this was too much ruckus for her!

Yarra with her loves.  Luca wasn't up to having a photo opp with me, but that's ok.  I have "off" days too! :)

One of the most beautiful and tenderhearted people I've ever met, my friend Yarra!

Bring in the cat, we will get some smiles!

Love you, my friends!!!!! xoxoKoren

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