Friday, December 14, 2012

::The Fidler Family::

Angela was one of the first people to take a "chance" on my lack of skills to photograph her extended family 2 years ago.  I'm ok admitting now that I had NO idea what I was doing at the time.  And this time working with them was just as much fun, but more so for me because I had way more confidence in my skills, haha!  The weather was on the brink of rain but I told them to show up anyway.  The sky was so pretty with the moody clouds, I love the natural dispersion of light that it creates.  Thank you for yet another wonderful day on the job!

 Handsome Ethan, he did AWESOME!
 And Miss Reese, equally as charming!
 I know taking photos isn't Craig's idea of a "good time", and here you can't tell what he was muttering under his breath, HOWEVER, I managed to pull a few smiles out of him.  Now why wouldn't he want to smile with such a killer wife on his arm.  Seriously!!!!

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