Saturday, December 8, 2012

The ::Hooks:: Family

I feel beyond blessed to have a job where I get to "work" (I say that in quotes because it's more like play/chat/laugh) with good close friends.  I realize that my friends don't have to choose me for their photography needs and when they do it's just so relaxed and fun to drive to my shoot and know I'm in a for a good time.  And the Hooks family is no exception.  Dawn is such a wonderful friend and a very willing "model".  She's so funny, she loves when I tell her how to pose and it's rubbed off on her daughters, not on her husband...YET!!! :)  

The day was a little dreary but we didn't let that stop us.  All the girls drove down the street to a fun trail and enjoyed the gorgeous fall colors amid a few sparse sprinkles.  Then we headed back to the house for a few pictures with dad and doggy Cookie! 

These are such beautiful women with a wonderful story.  Dawn's mom is now living with them, all the while being treated for cancer.  Seeing my friend deal with the pain of this is so hard, but they all have such strong and gracious spirits, you can't help but be inspired and moved by their faith and love for each other.

 These girlies love to pose too, can't imagine where that came from. :)
Sweetie Hannah! 

 Pretty girl Danica!

 Gorgeous mother and daughter!  They're just too adorable!

 Ok now it's dad, Michael's turn to get in front of the camera.  It may not be his "favorite" thing to do, but I think I'm wearing him down. :)

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