Thursday, January 16, 2014

::Class of 2014::Lexi::

Lexi was SO adorable and sweet.  And what a trooper.  We ran into clear skies (barely), wind, drizzles, REALLY dark clouds and even a rainbow! I love a girl that will go with the flow, for sure! 

There's our rainbow! :) The clouds were so threatening but we powered on!

What an awesome girl.  You can't tell she's getting rained on and it's freezing!  Just goes to show that you can make any weather work!  And the light was amazing so I really appreciated her attitude! :)

Aside from being a sweetheart, Lexi is a force on the court.  Having played basketball in high school (and not being very good at all), I would NOT want to meet her on the court!  

Happy Senior year, and I hear you just got accepted to Northern Arizona University!  Woo hoo!  xoxoKoren

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