Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wedding Day~Shelley&Mike :: Bridal Portraits

These are my favorites to shoot at a wedding, probably the case for most photographers.  You get the bride and groom alone, in their element, their little moments together and it can be magical.  The reception for Shelley and Mike was held at the historical Marshall House at Fort Vancouver, WA.  The house was wonderful for photos with antique pieces and the grounds outdoors were just as fab!

We started off inside, just taking some time to relax, decompress...breathe!

 Then we headed outside.  We encountered A LOT of sun and wind, but again, these two were amazing to work with, up for any suggestions, and completely in love with each other.

 This field outside the original Fort was SO amazing.  These little sprigged trees with the white made it look  like it was just waiting for a bride and groom to come visit. :)  I also threw caution to the wind and shot these outdoor portraits with my "new to me" 85mm lens (I had practiced a bit a few days before on my kids, just to make sure I knew what I was doing).  I love yummy tones this lens brought to the day!

My complete favorite from this set!!!!! Just LOVE it!

The same shot in color, gorgeous both ways!

Then it was off to the reception.  Thank you again to my assistant Heather for all of her help on this day!

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