Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Happy Mother's Day to Me"::The Pearl Family

One year ago, Mikaela was the very first senior session I ever photographed.  She was so sweet and fun to work with.  And now, one year later, I was privileged to get to work with her whole family!  I'm so grateful and blessed by wonderful and supportive clients that keep believing in me and my passion for photography!  Mikaela's mom, Denise, said this was her Mother's Day (and birthday?) gift to herself, to have some family photos taken, dog and all!  What a fabulous family, ready smiles and smart wit, which I LOVE!!!!! Sorry for the photo overload, they were too much fun! Enjoy!

One of my personal faves!

 After 20 years of marriage, I love seeing a couple still "diggin'" each other!  Tim and Denise were so cute together, ready and willing to do whatever I asked!

I think this was where I told them to say something inappropriate to each other (to get a good "reaction")...buuuuut didn't need to, all we needed was MY inappropriate comment!  Nice!

These siblings were so funny together!

Even Zoe is smiling!

 Colton, definitely the strong silent type!  But hey, we still eeked a few smiles out of him as well!

 So fun to get Mikaela back in front of my lens again!  Her stunning red hair in the setting sun was AH-MAZING!!!!

 Some Mother/Daughter love!

3 generations of beautiful women!

 Another wonderful marriage example...these two with 47 years under their belt!!!! WOWZA!

I hope you enjoyed this evening with the Pearl's as much as I did! :)

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