Saturday, October 6, 2012

Class of 2013::Spencer

I had chatted on the phone with Spencer's mom about doing his senior session weeks before the date of the shoot.  So not having actually talked to or met him, I went into the shoot kind of "blind". I knew he did football, but didn't really know his personality.  As with most senior guys, he was probably WAY more outgoing at school and with his friends than with his mom and a total stranger.  What I loved about this shoot was Spencer's style.  Most guys are pretty casual, laid back, jeans, t-shirt...  Spencer was laid back as well, but with a hipster twist.  He had great expression in his eyes which added to "swagger" (great word, confident without being cocky) of his photos.

 Spencer's friend, Matt, who was leaving for the military in couple weeks, came along as well.  I love that they asked to do a jumping shot.  While I'm all about the jumping shots, I don't wanna come across too dorky by suggesting it, but hey, when YOU ASK, I will oblige. :)

 Sweet Air!

 This shot turned out so cool.  It took quite a few tries to get it right, not because he couldn't get the pose right, but because the sun was juuuuuuust in the "wrong" spot and kept messing with my focus.  But...glad he humored me and did it like 7 times.

Congratulations on your senior year, Spencer!

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  1. What a cool kid! He looks like a very stylish senior! WOW! I love the shot of him and his friend jumping! So cool! Really great pictures. Have a great year Spencer.