Thursday, December 12, 2013

::the Martin's::

Another wonderful family that I look forward to working with every year, the Martin family.  This year we trekked out to Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge.  I've never photographed there and just loved it.  It was a toasty day for sure.  As the girls get older, they also become disenchanted with family photos so they definitely kept Jennifer and I on our toes to get some smiles or even just to sit still.  Haha, they were on the MOVE!!!!

Natalie's gorgeous hair is TO DIE FOR!!!  And she totally rocks this look too!

You may see adorable smiling sisters, BUT what you don't see is mom holding miss Emily down JUUUUUST long enough for me to get a shot. :)

Doing some dancing and spinning, and was that a smile?...

...but what's funny is THIS is the face we saw so much that day, hahahaha, hilarious! ;)
You all are so wonderful and full of fun! Until next time...xoxoKoren

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