Sunday, January 25, 2015

::the Hamness family::

I met this great family a year and a half ago when Jenny's son Jacob and my son Ethan were playing together on the same soccer team.  I showed up to practice with my girls on a hot summer day and Jenny had a bag full of fun goodies for them to play with, and we would hang out together every week at practice and games after that. :) Even though we haven't had a chance to visit much since then, it was so fun to get together with the rest of the family for these photos.  This was one of the most blustery days in the fall and I love that they were flexible and didn't really care about the intense clouds and wind. Those make for some of the most fun sessions!

 When doing something silly, just COMMIT!!!!!

Hope you're enjoying the New Year, Hamness family!!!! xoxoKoren

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