Saturday, October 22, 2011

Labor Day Wedding~Kaci&Adam

A few days before this wedding I had upgraded my camera and was SO excited to use it, and a tad nervous. When using new equipment, you never know if something might go awry. I got a great deal from a friend's husband who was selling his camera so I jumped on it.  I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference my images, they were crisper, cleaner and more vibrant.  Yesssss! Just what I was looking for.

Kaci hired me way back in January when I had shot our mutual friend, Erin's, maternity photos.  She knew I was a novice but was willing to give me the experience for a deal, which we both got what we wanted.  I was so honored to be given the opportunity and when the time came for her wedding, I'd already had 4 weddings under my belt.  I hadn't met with the bride and groom in person or even scouted the venue, so on the day of, I just jumped right in hoping that my creative juices would flow on the spot.  It was a gorgeous Labor Day in the Seattle/Ballard area.  Kaci treated me as one of her bridal party, so inviting and fun.  I knew some familiar faces among the group (my friend Erin) so that made it all the more fun.

Who knew photographing shoes would be so fun?  These were TO DIE FOR!!!!

Good night, Seattle Skyline!

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