Saturday, August 18, 2012

July Favorites::

As many of you know, I broke my left wrist playing indoor soccer (at least it's a good story, I didn't just walk into a wall).  That being said, typing is not so easy right now.  I'm still able to do sessions, but catching up on my blog posts is going to be impossible.  So I'm doing a monthly blog splash, choosing a few favorites (so hard to choose) from the the session I did!  I wish I could spend more time reminiscing about our times together but this will have to do!  You're all wonderful!  Enjoy...

The Teach Family

Class of 2013::Katie

Wedding Day::Jessica and Jason

 These next were shot by my second photographer, Angela Pollard of Diamondheart Photography!

Newborn Sweetie::Addison

The Archer Family

The Butler Brood

The Beam's

Thank you all so much for keeping me hopping this summer!!!  I take away special moments that make me smile from each and every encounter with you!  You bless me more than you know!  ~Koren

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