Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer with the Harlows

Always a favorite family for me to work with.  The Harlow family have been faithful clients for over a year now and I simply adore their family.  On this day I was able to work with some extended family, Martta's dad, brother and family were in town, so we took the opportunity to get everyone together for fun shoot in the park.  Such a lovely day and sweet kids to work with.

 It's so fun to get to be a part of a family in this way, documenting how their children grow.  Gracie is turning into such a lovely, mature young lady.  I love her sweet and quiet spirit!  

 Oh Christian, Christian, Christian!!! ONE of these days, you will love my camera!!! :)
 There's the smile we've been waiting for!

 Martta's sweet little niece, Tuija, has Down's Syndrome, but I could barely tell.  I've worked with a child with DS before so that was good experience for me.  What a delightful thing, she had to most gorgeous silky blond hair and a smile to die for.  Just LOVE!!!!
 And her little sis, Bryn, was equally as charming a cute!

 I put on my 85mm lens to step back from the action and knew I'd get some great smiles when the kids didn't even know I would be photographing them, such as this grin! :)

 And once Miss Faithie had her moment (haha), of course we had to photograph her in her fabulous tutu!!!! Gorgeous thing!

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