Friday, November 29, 2013

::Jordan & Eric::Their Wedding::

I met Jordan 2 1/2 years ago while photographing my VERY first wedding for her best friend, Brittany, who's wedding she was a bridesmaid in.  The following summer I photographed her engagement photos with Eric, and NOW it was their wedding day!  Depsite a few sprinkles which, by the way, were perfectly timed, this wedding was fabulous.  The bride, STUNNING; the groom, handsome and so in love; the bridal party, so much fun to work with; the backyard venue, just awesome!

Jordan was such a gracious bride, beautiful inside and out.  This is the last wedding I will be photographing for a while and I'm so glad I went out on this one!  Thank you for choosing me to to be a part of your day!

Even making a completely ridiculous face (hahaha), she is gorgeous!


This moment was unforgettable.  The two of them had writeen letters to each other, presented them to each other before the ceremony but didn't want to see each other.  The emotion was contagious!

Eric and Jordan did an epic bride/groom dance!  It was SO fun!!!!

Attention to detail!

...and they danced into the night!
Many blessings to you both! I love reliving this day by doing this blog post! xoxoKoren

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