Saturday, November 9, 2013

::the Willis family::

A part of this job that I enjoy is meeting new people.  And I never would have thought I would start to enjoy that because I'm such a shy introverted person, one that avoids new people and situations.  

The Willis family came to their shoot with some great ideas and knowing what they wanted from me.  One thing mom REALLY wanted was at least ONE family photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling!  I'm pretty sure I can accomplish that for you!  After receiving her photos from me, here is what mom, Carley, wrote to me:  "I got the pics!!!  I could not be more pleased!!!  They are perfect in every way.  Thanks so much for blessing us with these!  I can't believe how many amazing pics you got.  You are the best and I will definitely come to you again."

My heart soars when I get notes like that. :)

Thank you so much!!  Here's to wonderful smiles and photos to remember it by!  xoxo Koren


  1. You did an amazing job "kapturing" the heart of this family! Love the pics and love them! :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! :) And thanks for stopping by!