Sunday, September 29, 2013

::beach sisters::The Oranen's::

Photographing long time friends is such a joy to me, especially the ones that knew me LONG before I ever picked up a camera.  Erin and I have been friends for 14 years, working together at this very beach as poor, starved college students (literally, starved). :)  That is one of the best summers I can remember and so thankful for her friendship, laughter, long late night talks and walks on the beach.  And now 14 years later, with Andy (who was her boyfriend at the time) and their two sweet babes, it's such a treasure for me to create images on the same shores where we took some rather silly, sometimes unpleasant looking, photos of our days together.  May you enjoy these images too.  Oh, and you live WAY to far away from me now!  But love you anyways!

It was a rare BRIGHT day when we did these, and it was tough for us all not to be squinty with the glare.  But we powered through with a quick 30 minute session after a lovely lunch and chat together.

Erin's entire side of the family was there for the week as well so we took the opportunity to snap a couple rare extended family photos! :)

Love you, friend! xoxoKoren

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