Sunday, February 9, 2014

::Class of 2104:: Colton::

Interesting tidbit, Colton's sister, Mikaela, was my VERY FIRST senior session 3 years ago.  I remember it so vividly and also recall that at that moment I knew how much I would LOVE photographing seniors.  It has only grown from there.  Now her not-so-little brother, Colton, is a senior.  Any tears, Mom?  What a wonderful young man, great sense of humor, smart, respectful and a bright future.  As a mom to a son, I can only hope that my boy turns out as awesome as this guy has!

Ha, this was funny, he decided to "cheese" a bit for mom!

And yes, sense of humor!

I don't think I'd want to be face to face with him at the line of scrimmage!

Any guy that will take a few shots with his mom is an A+ all around!

Congratulations, Colton!  Koren

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