Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mother & Daughter Shoot ~Beth and Miss "A"~

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing another wonderful friend of mine, Beth, and her baby girl, Annie! Miss Annie was a "surprise" gift to her family, with 3 older brothers and no plans (at all) of having any more kids. I remember the day Beth called me, and we were chatting. I had just found out I was pregnant with Jordan. She asked me when my due date was again and then she said, "Well, that neat. So, I'm due about 3 weeks after you." WHAT!!!!!! Total shock. But so fun. God has a sense of humor. We laughed together, groaned together, and commiserated over our growing bellies and bickering children. Beth didn't find out what she was having before the baby was born, so everyone was on pins and needles, anxious to hear what the new baby was going to be. When the word came that she had a baby girl, I sure there wasn't a dry eye within her circle of friends and family!!!

Jordan and Annie have had several playdates and our older children are close in age as well, so it's always a great excuse for the mommy friends to chat, too. Beth asked me to take some photos of little Annie since she needed to add to wall of photos at home. From there, we laughed, giggled and got her little angel to give us a taste of her personality! Here's some shots from our time together...

The weather has been crummy lately so I cleared my bedroom, opened the windows and turned on all the lights, hoping to make it as bright as possibly with the fading light.
Little "A" has the roundest blue eyes. They seem clear, like pools of water.

I LOVE this one. We had her stuffed into that basket, but I was able to grab this.

She resembles her brothers Sam and Jack in the picture so much, the chubby cheeks and wide eyes.
Mother and daughter together. Beth has an amazing, calming spirit about her. She's lovely, inside and out and I know her daughter will follow in her footsteps.

Today, I also spoke at my church's East campus MOMS group on taking creative pictures of your kids. I've spent so many years just being mom (not that that is something to sneer at) that it almost baffled me that I had expertise to give on ANY subject. I LOVED it. The women had great questions, it's something I'm passionate about and thoroughly enjoyed sharing with others. Thank you, ladies, for your warm welcome!!!!

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