Friday, April 13, 2012

Christian::One Year Old!

I have been photographing Christian since BEFORE he was born. :)  His family, along with older sisters Grace and Faith, have been such wonderful clients to work with.  They have been so supportive and encouraging to me in my business endeavors and have sent countless referrals my way as well!  My day always brightens when I see an email from Martta, "I think we're ready for more pictures!" :)

Mr. Christian has been giving me a run for my money this year.  Mom has two huge portraits on the wall of his sisters and is in need of a "matching" one of him, outdoorsy, smiles!  At 3 months, we didn't get much expression out of the little guy, at 6 months, it was a very cold day which made him NOT so happy!  So here we are at a year, and I'm starting to feel like the aversion is toward me! :)  No, no, no, I will not be discouraged.  I popped on my 85mm lens so that I wasn't so close to him and let mom try to work her magic.  Still on the serious side, we got more smiles out of him this session than any other.  I hope one is perfect to grace the stairwell wall!

 Yay! THERE'S a smile! :)

 All this pressure...time for some snacks!

 Not loving the fedora! :)

 Hooray, another giggle!

Here's little Christian a year ago at his newborn session.  He's grown so much (well, we both have:)).  Happy Birthday little guy!!!

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