Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome Home~Baby Brianne

Brianne's story is so special.  I've known her parents for a couple years now, being part of the same groups at church, and I've heard their story of preparing to adopt a little one.  It was so joyous to hear that they had been selected by a birth mother to adopt her child.  What a deserving family!  I felt so honored to be asked to come and photograph Brianne, safe and sound at home, with her mommy and daddy and ever so proud big sister, Grace!!!  What a petite little angel she was! It's always fun to get my baby snuggles on since this baby maker is closed for business. Haha!

 Brianne needed some snacks and cuddles before continuing with her shoot! I love little "life" moments, those are my favorite to photograph!

 An adorable headband prop I finally got to use, made by Angela Pollard.

 The whole fam!

 This one of mom and baby is my favorite! So much love.

Sweet dreams little princess. Welcome Home!

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