Saturday, April 14, 2012

"We're Singin' in the Rain!"::The Stewarts

I love this family so much.  Beth is one of my dear, dear friends who moved away last summer (boo, still trying not to be bitter about that).  They were down visiting this week to look in on their rental here and visit a few friends, me included, yay!  I met Beth through our MOMS group at church and we got along right away. At the time she had 3 boys and was done having kids, or so she thought.  When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, Jordan, I was talking with her on the phone one day and she asked me when I was due, February 18, I said.  "Oh great, well I'm due March 3!"  What?!?!?!?  How is that possible?  Oh, but with God, all things are "possible"...and sometimes humorous. :)  And so we endured our lengthy pregnancies together, moaning, complaining, drinking our chai tea and laughing at ourselves.  All along, Beth didn't know what gender she was pregnant with, so everyone in her circle and beyond were on pins and needles to find out that she indeed had had....A GIRL!!!!!  Woo hoo!  

We had a small window of opportunity to fit their session in.  Unfortunately the weather did not want to cooperate, but as always, I try to have a back up plan.  I knew the park we were going to had a couple huge trees in an open ares, so we basically hid under those like a canopy for our shoot.  I wasn't able to get as much variety as I typically like to, but the kids were such troopers despite the drippiness and the cold.  Enjoy!!!

By far my favorite family shot of them!!! I hope they canvas this one! :)

The eldest, Micah! Getting so big!

Sweet, sweet Sam! He and my daughter play so nicely together. :) Hmmmm, love connection?

Silly little Jack!

Demure and shy Annie.  She did not want to be put down at all!

Trying so hard to get a nice shot of just the two of them without little ones underfoot!  Easier said than done!

This is the BEST we could with getting a shot with all 3 kids in there.

Annie's reaction to a group shot without Mom or Dad.  Not too thrilled!

You can't tell, but they are getting poured on, whilst I hover under cover of the trees. :)

Love and miss you friend!  I hope I was able to provide images that tell us who you truly are! :)

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