Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet Newborn {Carson}

Another wonderful referral family who literally live steps away from my front door. :)  I met Brianne at her home with both kids revving to go and Grandma there for support.  Baby Carson needed some nibbles so I played with my light and big sis Peyton.  I just LOVED her bright blonde curls and stunning blue eyes.  Such a beauty and a cutie.  Carson was such a mellow baby, and even though he pooped on my props :) I'd rather have that than a fussy guy!  He was great, they were all fab!

Showing me her talent on the keys!

This turned out to be one of my FAVORITE shots, while trying to get her to be "un-shy" we played a little peek-a-boo.

"too bright"

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Welcome to the world, sweet one!

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  1. He is adorable and you got some great shots of big sis!