Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cousin time!

It was such a pleasure for me to photograph these cousins and siblings.  Their family came into my life about 3 years ago as the oldest, Wesley, was in the same class as my oldest son Ethan.  Ethan befriended Wesley and we found out his family lived in the same neighborhood as us.  Over the past couple years, Wesley's mom, Aunt Virginia and grandmother have offered to watch my children, even overnight, in an effort to give me a break or help me out while I'm needing to be out of town.  As a huge thank you, I gifted them this session!  Sometimes words aren't enough!  Thank you! :)
Chase, Maddie and Wesley.  Chase is friends with my daughter Reagan as well!  

She LOOOOOOVED posing for me, so fun! :) 

 And little Haley, who's like part of their family!

Thank you all for being such a wonderful family!

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