Saturday, July 7, 2012

"All My Boys"::The Johnson Family

I knew I would love shooting this family even before I met most of them.  I work with Shelly at our church, she's kinda my "boss". :) Eeeek, no pressure right?  Very rare is it to meet someone with such grace, strength and wisdom.  I look up to her more than she probably realizes.  I've only just gotten to know her more this past year, and I admitted to her that I was a smidge intimidated, to which she just LAUGHED!!!!  She was all,  Oh please!  Anyway, I have so much respect for her servant's heart and was beyond thrilled when she asked me to photograph her family.  Her boys were only around for a small window of time so we jumped at the chance (much to their chagrin, I'm sure).  I met with them on a beautiful night after their recent trip to Hawaii as a family.  We laughed a lot, I got names mixed up (oopsie, sorry about that), and I enjoyed getting to meet the men that make up Shelly's life.  Thank you Mark, Matt and Tim for letting "mom" have her way and get some much needed photos done of her boys! :) Enjoy!

 When people start being silly you know they're getting comfortable! :)

 The sons, Matt and Tim!

Apparently I managed quite a feat getting Tim to SMILE for me! :)

 Shelly has the best laugh (and soothing voice...have you heard that one before, Shelly?:)  ), I wish you could hear it!

 Just making fun of dad!
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 I told her she looked like a queen! Haha!

The End!  Enjoy the smiles of your loved ones! :)


  1. Love every one of them! You did it again, Koren. Way to go!! Shelly, you have a beautiful family (which is not really a surprise). God bless you all!

  2. Thank you Trayc! Yep they were pretty great! :)