Friday, July 13, 2012

Extended Family Surprise::The Gandy's

There was only a small window of opportunity to do this shoot with all the "right" people in town.  Of course, summer hadn't decided to show up in the PNW, so we had to move to Plan B and undercover for this shoot.  It was a surprise for Grandma, her 3 kids and their kids as well, all together for some photos, which she showed up for towards the end of our time together to get a few shots of her with the whole family!  What a great group, everyone was so flexible and willing to change the location because of the rain.  Thanks for a wonderful morning!

All the cousins!

Mom and her girls.

Busy family! :) They all sat still...for a sec! :)

I'm tired and cold. :(


Grandma is so proud of ALL her babies!

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