Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Have an Announcement::The Roberts Bunch

Amanda and Ross wanted these few photos taken to announce to their family and friends that they were once again adding to their brood.  Such a cute idea.  I showed for this super mini shoot and they told me they hadn't even told their kids yet.  So I said, "Ok, wait, I wanna see their reaction when you tell them!"  So mom and dad lined them up in their chairs and told them, "You see that extra chair?  You're going to have another brother or sister!!!"  And...wait for it....crickets!!!! So funny!  The kids were like, And, what's you're point?  I was laughing so hard.  Maybe they didn't hear?  Anyway, I'm sure the news has sunk in by now.  Congratulations to yet another beautiful baby!

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