Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Continued::A Wedding, An Engagement, A Newborn and 7 Families!!!!

I had NO idea I would be this busy this summer, and I'm just blown away by the repeat clients and referrals.    You're all so amazing.  At one point I realized I scheduled jobs 8 days in a row.  Yikes, better planning next time, but I anticipated and enjoyed every single one.  Again, thank you for your patience with my injury. :) Bleh!!!  So here's the rest of what August had to offer...

::Wedding::Sarah & Christopher::

::Engaged::Jordan & Eric::

::Newborn::Chloe & Erickson Family::

::Extended Family::The Hendrickson's and Lucero's::

::The Bowen Family::

Oh, yah, my son turned 9 (eeps) and my kids tore up the soccer fields. :)

::The Johnson Family::

::The Kribs Family::

::The Facklam Family::

::The Martin Family::

::The Sturdivant Family::

Phew!!! That's it for me and what a wonderful way to spend my summer.  I love meeting new people in this way (as a self defined introvert, I feel at ease behind, or in front of, hehe, the lens).  I've spread my wings farther than I ever thought possible.  I'm surrounded by these wonderful clients and families, and I'm grateful beyond words.  God helped me discover my artistic gift and given me people and tools to help me grow and become more equipped, sufficient and professional in the process!  Blessings to all!  Love~ Koren

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