Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is in the Air::The McIlroy Family

Note to self: try to be clearer when giving directions to clients.  Despite getting started about 15 minutes late, this was such a fun shoot.  I was greeted by two eager young ladies with BIG hugs (I've never met them before). :)  Always a good sign that they won't be intimidated by the camera.  It was such a gorgeous evening, little girls with curls always get me, just too much fun!  And as I was leaving, I again received snuggly hugs and kisses (they were more sad to see me go than my own kids, what gives?). 

Is she not just too adorable?

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She REALLY needed to hold that apple. :) 

I ALWAYS try to set a little time aside for shots of mom and dad.

It's always fun to see a behind the scenes candid.  We are DONE. :) Hahaha!

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