Friday, September 28, 2012

Maternity in the Gorge::The Mortlock Family

I haven't done a maternity shoot in a LONG time, and was so excited to work with the Mortlock's again.  They have been blessed with a little baby boy soon to be joining their family.  And sweet big sis, Noella, was as cooperative as ever.  I love how mom and dad bring Noella's older cousins to come help keep her "happy" for her shoot.  We get her set and it's like, "Ok, boys, GO!" and they start singing and dancing behind me.  It's so funny!  What was special about this location was that when Paul and Gretchen were pregnant with Noella, they took their own maternity photos here.  So now with baby Ezra, they returned to this spot with the baby that was in the belly the first time.

I'm not much of a landscape photographer, but I'm so pleased with this image.  It's so gorgeous and shows the beauty of where we were.


  1. I'm not surprised these are absolutely GORGEOUS, (no pun intended)Koren! The "fierce" mama shot (4th from bottom) is so, SO cool! and that landscape shadowy shot? BEAUTIFUL!! What a good looking family to shoot ~ great job!!

  2. Thank you Trayc. Your words of encouragement mean a lot! :)