Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Friends are Hard to Come By, But When You do...::The Espinosa's

I simply LOVE photographing families that I have long history and friendships with.  I know where they've been and who they are so I really hope that when I'm shooting their photos, I'm portraying that as well.  I've been friends with Yarra and her family since our daughters were infants, about 7 years now.  At the time we were neighbors, and even though we don't live in the same neighborhood anymore, that doesn't mean our friendship has lessened.  She and her husband Carlos are probably the most generous and kind people I've met in a long time.  They are thoroughly devoted to their 3 kids and it shows through and through.  I never expect my friends and family to choose me for their photo needs, but when they do, it's such a blessing to me. :) Enjoy the Espinosa's!

 Some mommy/daughter moments.

 Dad and his silly boys.

 Beautiful little Ava, she has grown up so much!

 Luca showing his personality.  He was probably one of THE chubbiest babies I've ever met, not so much anymore. :)

 Sweet Nolan, graced with the longest lashes ever.

 A little time for mom and dad!  I love how these turned out.

 Such an gorgeous natural beauty.

Love you all to bits! xoxoxo

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