Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Photo Shoot~The "D" Family

I met Lisa 4 years ago. She probably doesn't remember this, but I sat next to her my very first day of our MOMS Leadership Bible Study when I became a new table leader in the middle of the year. I pretended I was so confident and plunked myself down next to her and introduced myself. She did as well....and that was all. :) Haha! From one quiet gal to another that's progress. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this woman over the past four years and my first impression was pretty good, kind, quiet, yet if you get her alone all of this wonderful amazingness comes shining through! And as you will SOON see, she's one of the most beautiful people I'm proud to know.

She asked me to take some family pictures for her while her husband was home from working abroad. We met at a local park and spent the next hour trying not to get muddy, jumping from logs and capturing an adorable family!!!!
Sorry, girl, I know this wasn't your "personal" photo shoot but I had to post this beautiful shot of JUST YOU!!!!!

She's such a wonderful patient mom to her two darling girls.
Let's get some energy out. I love action shots because, aren't kids on the move most of the time anyway?

Ah, these two were so endearing to me, reminding me of me and my older sister, Shonda. She was always by the book and quiet, just like older sister Hope. I, on the other hand, was NOT, like little sis Charlotte!!!! Hmmmm, is it an age order thing? Must be!

Such a stunning young lady. This has to be one of my most favorite shots ever (I hope this goes on Lisa's wall). :) She looks like a young Miley Cyrus, back when she was cute and innocent.

What a spunky lil' gal! So fun and full of energy, it took a lot to keep up with her, but that was ok by me.

The following are just some great family shots that I wanted to share.

Now I'd like to say that I TOTALLY meant for this shot to look like this but alas, I did not. It almost ended up in the delete bin. But taking a closer look at it, I loved how the background was in focus and the people were not. And that little twinge of light from the sun looked so cool, I had to play with it. And I'm glad I did...

Thank you Lisa, Jon and girls for letting me spend a little bit of time with you all. I hope this created some memories for you. Let's "play" again sometime! :)

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