Thursday, April 4, 2013

Extended Family Love::The Campbell's::

This was my last official shoot of 2012.  What a special job it was.  My wonderful friend, Haley, had her whole family together before her older sister, Morgan, and family moved to Europe!  What beautiful families the Campbell sisters had created.  This group was so upbeat and energetic, I loved working with all the different ages of the kids and Haley's fantastic sisters and parents!  Creating memories is what I LOVE about my job!


Oh boy, his little face reminded me SOOOOO much of my son at this age!  What a heartbreaker! 

My super cool friends, Haley and Jeff, their awesome kids, and at the time, didn't know they had a teeny number 3 cooking! :)

 Just loving their orange colors!

Proud Grandma and Grandpa!

All the cousins!

The Campbell Clan, what a lovely family! 

Total gorgeous sisters!  Things must have been dangerous in high school!

And the two that started it all! 

 It was an honor to work with you all! Blessings in 2013! xoxo koren

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