Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Year::New CAMERA!!!!!!

Yes, I invested!!!!  I have upgraded my equipment, a new camera body, to a Canon Mark iii 5D.  I LOOOOOOVE it!!!  The range is amazing, the images are sparkling and I feel like I'm becoming even more of the photographer I want to be!  I'm proud of myself for earning my equipment upgrades, it's been a long time coming. :) So here's some images of me getting my "feet wet" with my new baby!  Enjoy!

Sweet Jenna, my friend Lori's daughter.
::settings:: 50mm lens~f/1.8~ISO3200~1/1250sec

Our dog Coco
::settings:: f/1.8~ISO 1000~1/50 sec

Miss Mischief
::settings:: f/1.8~ISO 4000~1/160 sec

Our other dog Jill.  Why do I have so many pets (not pictured, our cat Candy)?

Ethan in action! Love the speed on this baby!
::settings:: f/2.2~ISO 100~1/2000 sec

::settings::f/2.5~ISO 3200~1/1250 sec

And lastly, Jordan is potty trained (for the most part)! :)
xoxo koren

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