Thursday, April 4, 2013

::The Sinner Twins::Lauren & Elise::

There goes my short term memory loss...THIS was my last official shoot of 2012, New Year's Eve to be exact.  I had been so sick over the Christmas break, and the Sinner twins were almost 4 weeks old by the time I was able to photograph them.  It was the day of the "big snowstorm" (as it's called around here), however there were a few trecherous hills in their neighborhood.  My poor ol' swagger wagon wasn't going to make it, so dad came to meet me and bring me to the house.  Haha! 

Elise and Lauren were SO sweet, cute and cuddly.  This was my first set of newborn twins that I've photographed so I tried not to put too much pressure on myself.  They felt like having opposite schedules so we were just flexible with what they felt like doing. ;)

 They had such a beautiful bright home to work in, loved it!

 I love the symmetry of this shot, so sweet!

Much fun and many blessings for you all in the new year!  xoxo  koren

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