Friday, April 1, 2011

18 Month Shoot~Miss Sara

My friend Donna's little girl ,Sara, just turned 18 months and she wanted to get some photos for the occasion. The weather has been pretty nasty around here so it was a finger's crossed kind of day. As we started our walk around the park (under the umbrella), I was feeling a little apprehensive, will this work, what if she's complaining about the cold and rain...? NOPE!!! Sara got out to explore and that's when the magic started. This little girl is GORGEOUS!!! I want to hang her pictures on my own walls. :) Her huge blue eyes photograph so beautifully and her colorful outfit was simply adorable. She should be a Baby Gap model, for sure!

So, basically, this is just a "walk in the park" with Sara! She went, I followed!

Who can resists those dimples and that smile? Seriously....
Yes, her eyes really are THAT blue!

Thank you, Donna, for letting me photograph your precious baby girl! Muah!

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