Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maternity Shoot~Close to my Heart, my sister, Shonda and baby Surprise

This photo shoot is very special to me. I drove up to visit my older sister, Shonda, who is due with her second child in about a week and a half now (about 4 weeks at the time of the shoot). She is my only sibling and as kids we had the usual sisterly spats but we always came out loving each other. I remember how devastated I was when she went to college, leaving me all alone to brave high school. But she's always succeeded at what she sets her mind to. Ever since I can remember she wanted to be a teacher. I was NEVER allowed to be the "teacher" when we played school. :) She went on to teach for 12 years before becoming a stay at home mommy to her son Shrade. She is so blessed to have a hard working hubby so she can enjoy motherhood.

After trying for months to get pregnant the second time, she went in for some tests to see what was wrong and the doctors had no answers. Relying on her faith in God and continued prayer that His ways are not our ways, she continued to pray and do her best to move on. If another baby wasn't in their future then so be it. After and short visit with me, she called me and said, "I guess we should have been shopping for maternity clothes while we were out because I'm 15 weeks pregnant!" What?!?! How exciting.

Next Friday I have the joy of being present as baby Surprise makes his/her way into the world. I love my sister very much and it makes me feel even closer to her to be able to share in this event. I'm sure there will be some newborn photos to come soon, but here's some of her pregnant belly before the new one arrives.
My nephew, Shrade, a typical two year old, not really wanting to sit still for the camera. :)

I wanted to highlight some interesting features of their home that is from the turn of the century so that's why I have lots of door knobs and windowsills featured!

Typical northwest rainy weather.

Congratulations, Sis! You're almost done!


  1. Aw, that is such a special post. Made me cry! I can't wait for you to come up and be with me during this very special time. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful little sis!

  2. Beautiful! You captured everything beautifully! I'm a friend of Shonda's and wish you both a wonderful time together as Baby Surprise is born!