Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Photo Shoot~The "H" Family

This shoot turned out so amazing.  I had been emailing with Gita for quite a few months to nail down a date that work with both of our schedules to get family photos done with her husband and twins.  And as it turned out, we decided to meet spur of the moment the day after Thanksgiving which had AMAZING weather, we couldn't pass it up.  The leaves were still golden and orange, just what she wanted.  It was fairly warm and the kids were unbelievably cooperative which made my job a piece o' cake!!!!

They were all so beautiful and adorable, everyone with ice blue eyes and bright blonde hair, just stunning!

Mom brought some cute lollipop props for the kiddos to enjoy!

This little guy was so animated and loved laughing on cue! Hysterical! 

And a special "thank you" to Gita's mom for looking after my littles at the park while I shot their photos.  Honestly, I really don't ask clients to bring their parents, children, or siblings along to watch my kids, I've had such generous offers when I simply was in a bind in getting a sitter (which I have AMAZING sitters who I call on far too often). :) Thanks again!

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