Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Shoot of 2011~The "S" Family

Am I really all caught up on my blog posts?  NO WAY!!!!!  The new year is coming up but I'm still reeling from what an amazing year 2011 was for me!  So much fun, growth, stories to be told.  I'm anticipating the new year with my calender already getting filled with bookings!!!!! :)

My last shoot of 2011 is with the "S" family.  I know them through our church.  Michelle has worked many years with our children's programs.  She's known as the baby whisperer because ALL babies love her!  I've shot photos of her kids before so it was great to work with them again too.  They're at such a great age because they don't run off or turn away RIGHT when you're ready to shoot! :) It was a lovely day before Christmas Eve and I'm glad we could fit it in right before Christmas!

The water was so still and ripply, I loved shooting somewhere new! :)

Happy New Year!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful family, beautiful scenery, great poses! Just wonderful!